Christiano Ronaldo removes Coca-Cola Bottles

Coca-Cola loses billions after Christiano Ronaldo removed the bottles  from his table

Christiano Ronaldo removes Coca-Cola Bottles
 Christiano Ronaldo removes Coca-Cola Bottles

It is no secret that Coca-Cola is one of the top beverage companies in the world, however, they recently suffered a loss of $4 billion a day after soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo removed the bottles of the beverage from his table ahead of a press conference.

In a report published by The Daily Star, the company's prices fell by 1.6% leading its value to fall from $242 billion to $238 billion.

During the press conference before Portugal's match against Hungary in the ongoing UEFA European Football Championship, Ronaldo noticed the two Coca-Cola bottles placed in front of him for advertising purposes.

At the Portugal press conference, Ronaldo was angry because Coca Cola was in front of him rather than water! 

He moved them and said “Drink water” 😆

— FutbolBible (@FutbolBible) June 14, 2021

In an attempt to encourage people to drink water instead of carbonated soft drinks, he removed the bottles from the table and waved a bottle of water at the camera.

Coca Cola suffered a serious blow when a video of the incident went viral within minutes on social media.

Clearly, this is a big loss for Coca Cola. The removal of the drink by Cristiano Ronaldo may have had some bearing on the brand since they lost billions of buyers, but it also became the center of discussion since he would not have tolerated this kind of advertisement. Having said that, having the message to drink more water is a good one. However, he should realize he has a huge following and could actually harm a brand like Coca Cola if he were to take such a stand.

The brand will have to figure out a way to cope with this loss.

Would you say Cristiano Ronaldo's behavior was acceptable or not?


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