6 silent signs of kidney disease

You can protect yourself and stay healthy if you know the 6 silent signs of kidney disease

6 silent signs of kidney disease
6 silent signs of kidney disease

If the kidneys stop working, then a person embraces death prematurely and if they are not taken full care of, then they cause you to get up, sit down, walk, etc., which makes every matter worse. That's why experts advise everyone to drink more water to keep their kidneys healthy and fit.

But their actions are complicated by physical weakness and improper diet, and then a series of symptoms appear that indicate kidney failure.


1. Sleep:

If the habit of restlessness in sleep at night has become a constant habit, even if you lie down to rest during the day and you start to feel  restless, then it is a cause of irregularity in the renal system because when the kidneys are damaged. They also damage the liver and spleen.

2. Stiffness:

Sudden onset of muscle cramps once a day can also be caused by decreased kidney function, which leads to electrolyte imbalance, decreased calcium levels and increased phosphorus. This is how the muscles become arrogant.

3. Headache:

If the kidneys are working properly, they work better to make vitamin D and the red blood cell-boosting hormone EPO, but if the amount of EPO decreases, it is a common cause of kidney dysfunction. Which causes sudden fatigue, headaches and weakness in the body and mind.

4. Bad breath:

The taste of food changes because when waste starts to accumulate in the blood, it tastes like metallic compounds in the mouth. Thus, bad breath can be a major cause of kidney failure, including circulatory disorders

5. Excessive urination:

Kidney failure reduces the amount of urine excessively, ie a person needs to urinate, but in the form of drops, irritating urine comes, sometimes drops of blood are also excreted, in which case contact a doctor. Please.


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